Delegate Opinion

"The conference is very informative with lot of importance accentuated on the shipping industry. It has to focus more on the overseas market in the future."
- Mr Shabu,
  Managing Director of Trans Bulk Shipping LLC.
"The conference is very informative with lot of importance accentuated on the shipping industry. It has to focus more on the overseas market in the future."
- Captain Vinay Singh, Resident Director,
  Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Limited.
"This is a very good seminar in which sharing of knowledge has taken place on a grand scale. Seminars of this nature should be organised more often. Today, I have clearly understood the various shipping terminologies and different types of vessels present in the industry. After this conference, I will be in a better position to handle my day-to-day activities."
- Swapna Gupte,
  Assistant Manager-Human Resources, JM Baxi and Company-Shipping Support Services.
"For first timers, it is a good attempt and well organised conference. However, I would suggest taking a peek at such kind of established conferences for the benefits of the delegates, before going ahead to organise such events. As I feel this practise brings out more innovative ideas."
- Mr Jatin Mehta,
  Saigal Sea Trade (P) Limited.
"Overall, the conference was good. Nevertheless, it should have more in depth data than just mere statistics. The Bill of Lading presentation was well covered. The speakers should make their topics more presentable to the audience."
- Shailesh Shetty,
  Executive JM Baxi and Company-Shipping Support Services.
"It was an excellent initiative by Endeavour Associates in choosing the topics and speakers for this conference. They have really done a great job. I have definitely benefited from it and I am sure the delegates must have also gained additional knowledge from it. Dr Sanjiv Mehta’s presentations and the Open Forum were very nice, but many seafarers were missing. Also, it should be conducted more often than yearly."
- Captain Milind Patankar,
  Management Limited.
"In today’s seminar, the content matter was very much interlinked with the theme; the whole event was highly edifying."
- Captain Richard Creet,
  Managing Director, Trident Management Services Pte Limited
"Overall the conference was informative and everything was in a juxtaposed manner. As India is emerging as a major global player in the shipping industry, I would suggest that Endeavour Associates should include other diverse topics from the industry that will be beneficial for the industry as well as the participants."
- Mr Shabu,
  Managing Director, Trans Bulk Shipping LLC,
"The seminar was very interactive and educative. The topics selected were quite impressive. However, if topics such as dispute resolution and arbitration a charterer or an owner faces at the time of litigation could also be included. This will indeed enable the participants to enhance their knowledge in the chartering business."
- Arvind Kejriwal,
  Manager- Shipping and Logistics, Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Limited
"The ship chartering seminar was very well organised. Today, I have clearly understood the terminologies used in the chartering business. Back then, in my heydays, when I was working alongside the tanker charterers I was not aware of these. It has been a good learning experience and my day has been utilised very well."
- Captain Yeshwant Chhabra,
"It was very interesting, refreshing and informative especially for the younger generation. Also, the seminar could be more fruitful with the inclusion of the seafarers that are currently sailing."
- Captain RD Kohli,
  Master of The Company of Master Mariners of India
"I appreciate the efforts of the Endeavour team in selecting the topics for the day wisely. The quality was very good. I feel that Dr Sundar should have been given half a day for a complete coverage of the legal aspects."
- Mr Pradeep Parte,
  Deputy Manager, ESSAR Steel Limited
"The event was well planned. However, most of the topics covered basic fundamentals of the BL, so it was more appropriate for the juniors."
- Mr Rohidas Nalawade,
  Assistant Manager, Liner & Passenger Services Division, The Shipping Corporation of India Limited
"The seminar was good, but sessions of such nature should be held for at least 3 days. I have gained immense knowledge from this seminar."
- Mr Nilesh Pawar,
  Executive, Boxtrans Shipping Agencies
"The section on legal aspects was very interesting. Overall, the seminar was very educative and to the point."
- Mr Christopher Philips,
  Director, Seatech Shipping & Projects India Private Limited
"The Bills of Lading seminar was very informative. The topics covered are of immense value to my business. All my doubts on the Bills of Lading have been cleared today. I look forward for such knowledge based seminars."
- Mr Bhavesh Modi,
  Manager, ESSAR Steel Limited.
"The seminar was quite educational, but a point of observation between the legal aspect and documentation. I feel more emphasises had been laid on the legal; the documentation is just basic knowledge."
- Mr Rajaram Iyer,
  Head Officer Gateway Operations India, DHL Global Forwarding
"Bills of Lading seminar was very interesting and enlightening. Dr Sundar’s presentation on the legal aspect was quite overwhelming."
- Mr Rajendra S Palande,
  Deputy Manager – Shipping, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
"Generally speaking, the BL seminar was adequate and satisfactory. Speakers selected for the conference were very few, so the necessary impact was not seen."
- Mr Arun Maheshwari,
  Associate Vice President – International Marketing, JSW Steel Limited
"BL being a major issue for us seafarers, my uncertainty on this subject was cleared. As in this programme, the information and knowledge received was of substantial quality."
- Captain Feroz Khanche,
  Master for The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited
"I am attending this conference for the first time. I am very much impressed with the topics chosen and quality of the speakers"
- Mr Kaushik Ganguly,
  Head – Business Development, OPG Power Group
"I am quite a regular in these seminars; been attending them for the past five years. The presentations are quite informative and the most important thing is the networking space that we get while meeting fellow participants under the one roof"
- Sumit Bakshi,
  Assistant Manager with a broking firm
"Topics discussed by Mr CK Sharma were very interesting. The hands-on experience is more challenging than regular academic knowledge. It is also important that you study the market dynamics before you rush in to a decision. No point getting your fingers burnt when you can get cargo statistics on the net 24x7.Mr Sharma's two decade old experiences have benefitted all the participants here."
- Capt Manish Verma,
  participant in the seminar
"The seminar has shown great depth of knowledge on the chosen subjects. I now know at least ten people who will give me guidance if I ever need it. If you venture in to business, you need to do so after due diligence. Total knowledge of the subject is necessary so that one does not fall in to a pit. Only bookish knowledge does not take you far without necessary practical knowledge. More seminars are necessary to spread knowledge and understanding of the subject for general upgradation."
- Sumedh Sawant,
  Senior Sales manager with Varun Agro Trade