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With Expertise, Experience and, Élan

Shipping is a long-term business, so taking risks and overcoming them is a part of the business. One must understand the nature of risk before managing it. Anticipating risks, and a prudent manager must be able to do this well, is a big factor in risk management.
There are few seminars completely dedicated to learning. In this sense the initiative taken by Endeavour Creatives is very unique. This is a place where you can generate awareness. This initiative provides a platform for sharing and learning

- Shri P K Srivastava,
Director, Essar Group

Shipmasters & Mates can gain
immensely from learning, and keeping
abreast of, the market environment
of the shipping industry.
Especially today, when far-reaching
changes are afoot.

- Nigel Bell
  CEO, Bell Shipping, UK.